DLPRO is passionate about marriage.

We believe that a strong bond in marriage is a foundation of a stable home. The wedding day is a door that leads to new beginnings, and to a life in marriage where a journey is taken together to find God’s treasures along the way.

A wedding is a beautiful event that can happen in a person’s life. It is a culmination of what has, and what is to come; a lasting relationship between a man and a woman. This is God’s sacred design. This is a love relationship taken to a level where more beautiful memories can be captured in time. Time comes and passes like a wind; such milestone must be captured to create timeless memoirs. DLPRO can help you achieve them.

Photos taken by DLPRO relive each wedding day memories. It bares every intimate moment, every smile, every kiss, every giggle; causing you to reminisce the love and mood of every image taken.

DLPRO aims to give you excellent photos that will remind you of such love, which started on that God-given day. These photos will tell of a story through intimate, joyful, and tear-jerking way.

DLPRO ensures to capture heartfelt images naturally, infuses a fun factor, and gives a comfortable yet creative and classic setting. These shots collectively reveal beautiful intimate details of the wedding day story and promise.

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